My Story
Welcome to Party Bars! 
 I would like to start by telling you how Party Bars began! Being the older cousin of a big family full of younger kids always challenged me to be creative. Whether it was figuring out how to occupy them during a rainy day, or how to make their parties unique, I always loved to be creative! Setting up party bars for events was, and still is my favorite thing to do! While setting up a Hot Chocolate bar during my cousin's 1st birthday, I began to realize that I could make this into so much more by offering these great services to everyone!
With every Party Bar, I promise to give you a personal touch to make each bar different from the next. And that is how party bars started, a College student with a passion to be creative. I hope you enjoy my website and will give Party Bars an opportunity at your next event for a great and unique experience that is guaranteed to have your guests talking!
                                Best Wishes,
                                               Alyssa Ford 
                                               (Party Bars Founder)